Elizabeth Coard, pianist
Studio Policy

  Elizabeth Coard, pianist

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Coaching Sessions
The time of your session is reserved exclusively for you, and you will receive full, uninterrupted attention. In return, it is your responsibility to be punctual, and not to skip your session for other appointments or sports. Sessions begin and end promptly and cannot be extended for a student who is late. Please call the studio as soon as possible if the student needs to miss a session. Please do not bring a sick student to a session!

I do not give make-up sessions. In the event of a missed session, you may exchange the time with a sibling, or come in for a parent/teacher conference. I do not give refunds for missed sessions.

Assignments, practice and participation in studio activities should have the same priority as homework and other activities. In order to make the best progress in music, YOU MUST PRACTICE DAILY. To make the most of your investment in music, attention to detail using careful practice techniques is imperative. Students should read the weekly assignment at each practice session and make the effort to meet practice goals. Parental recognition, encouragement, and support are vital for continued progress and success.

Things To Have At Home
    A well tuned and maintained piano.
    An accurate and dependable metronome.
    A place to keep your music and materials in order.

Performances and Evaluations
Most students participate in the Certificate of Merit program, a multi-level evaluation for students age 5 and older, and/or National Guild Auditions. There are workshops scheduled every month between September and May which offer the opportunity for group learning, give students an opportunity to hear other music besides their own, and to try out new works before a recital or competition in a low key environment. Students are required to participate in at least one workshop each year. Participation in one recital is mandatory.

Once in a rare while, a student or parent who lacks commitment will sign up for a semester and fail to live up to his/her responsibilities. So, with regret, the studio has this policy on expulsion: Students who miss two consecutive lessons during a semester, without 24 hours notice, forfeit their lesson time and may be expelled. We do not give refunds to expelled students.