Elizabeth Coard, pianist
Frequently Asked Questions

  Elizabeth Coard, pianist

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When can I start lessons?
Age is not the determining factor. Interest, motivation, and a nurturing environment are key components for success at any age. I've taught students from age 4 to 72.

Do I need a piano at home?
Yes. Some students have a digital keyboard when they begin lessons, and that is OK if it is a full 88 keys with a weighted action and pedals. You will need a piano within six weeks. I can go with you on a piano safari!

Will my child do better in school when taking piano lessons?
Yes! Numerous studies show that children who study music - and the piano in particular - score 34% higher than their nonmusical peers in spatial-temporal reasoning, the brain function used to understand math, science and engineering.

Can I try lessons for a few weeks to see if my child likes it?
Not with me. Music is a language. It takes time to understand an instrument and build a foundation of technical and interpretive skills in order to play music. The fun of playing piano is derived from the discipline of daily practice, and that is a skill learned and developed over time.

How much do you charge?
My fees are competitive for teachers with my qualifications. You can't buy filet mignon for $2 per pound, and you don't get quality piano lessons for $20 per hour. Call or write for specifics.

Why don't you give refunds for missed lessons?
For the same reason the symphony doesn't give refunds if you buy season tickets and skip a performance. When you enroll with me you are making a commitment for a course of study, just as you do when entering public or private school each year. I make the same commitment. I prepare for each of those lessons, even when you don't.

What piano method do you use?
I don't use a set of piano method books. I have a wealth of literature and teaching material which I choose from for individualized teaching which differs for each student, at every level. Music expression is a very personal creative art form. I provide tools for interpreting the world, expressing one's emotions, and tapping into the creative spirit, which is personal and intimate, and endlessly rewarding.