Elizabeth Coard, pianist
The Achievement Program

  Elizabeth Coard, pianist

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Elizabeth is a founding member of The Achievement Program, a nation-wide program, and collaboration between Carnegie Hall and the Royal Conservatory of Music. Students who enroll go to an assessment once a year, in the spring or fall, and play for a professional adjudicator. Students with the highest score at each level are invited to perform at Carnegie Hall.

This is a much better indication of progress than the teacher telling you "Your child is doing fine". They say:

One of the greatest concert halls in the world, Carnegie Hall has set the standard for musical excellence. With a commitment to broad-reaching music education programs delivered through its Weill Music Institute, Carnegie Hall has expanded its reputation beyond that of one of the world's finest concert venues becoming an organization determined to make music available to young Americans and people around the world.


The Royal Conservatory of Music (in Canada) is one of the largest and most respected educational institutions in the world. Providing the definitive standard in music education through its curriculum, assessment, performance, and teacher education, the programs of The Royal Conservatory have had a substantial impact upon the lives of millions of people globally. Motivated by its powerful mission to develop human potential through music and the arts, The Royal Conservatory has emerged over the last two decade as a leader in the development of arts-based programs that address a wide range of social issues.

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